Wing Chun

   "Deadly Close-Range Street Combat"

To reach the path of powerful self defence, first choose your journey, and afterwards, keep walking it. With personal dedication and the right guidance you will reach the strength you are searching for.

   "Every step forward is one lesson learnt."

In Fighting Spirit’s martial arts defence class you will achieve the necessary skills to defeat physically stronger opponents.

This class is for all enthusiastic men and women wanting to control unwanted situations.

The Fighting Spirit classes are purposely limited to ensure you a proper and personal teacher-to-student environment.

   “Every angle is a new perspective to what seems ordinary.”

You will gain from the knowledge base of fighting arts accumulated from several martial arts backgrounds.

After many years of training in different styles, the Fighting Spirit club chooses to focus mainly on the fighting defence system Southern China’s Kung Fu style—Wing Chun.

"Fighting Spirit’s Wing Chun keeps to traditional principles of the art, and then practically converts them to a modern day environment."

This system is the chosen fighting and defence platform for many well known martial artists, including Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee eventually formed his own defence style mostly using Wing Chun as the source.

   Why Wing Chun?

   "10 Powerful Reasons"

• Wing Chun specializes in deadly close-range combat

• You will learn the quickest techniques to punch and kick

• The system focuses on agile stances and footwork for fast advances in attack

• The system teaches you how to defeat stronger opponents

• The system also teaches you how to defeat multiple opponents at the same time

• You will learn to move around your opponents instead of meeting them head on

• You will train to attack and defend at the same time

• You will learn to control your energy (chi)/muscle tension and relaxation

• The muscle control will allow you to gradually attack and defend in relaxed fluid motions

• Your fluid movements will eventually result in devastating high speed or explosive impacts

“Wing Chun compares the way you move to how water moves. You will ultimately achieve to move like water, always changing with every move.”

  Standard Level

• You will learn 1st level self defence drills

• You will learn the core fighting principles of Wing Chun

• You will learn basic footwork and body movement

• You will learn fundamental structure and balance

• You will learn the basic kicks, punches and palm, knee, and elbow strikes

• You will learn to control your energy (chi)/muscle tension and relaxation

• You will learn wall bag striking

• You will learn basic control techniques e.g. trapping your opponent

• You will learn yin (negative) and yang (positive) blocks

• You will learn basic sticky hands (Chinese pinyin: Chi Sau)

• You will learn the 1st hand form | Little Idea Form (Chinese pinyin: Sil Lim Tao)

“Sticky Hands or Chi Sau is a dynamic and competitive rolling hands exercise. It enhances your attack and defence.

By using precise patterns of hand movements you learn to exploit your opponent’s fighting structure until you strike.

Chi Sau is the ‘auto pilot’ of the system, teaching you the correct automatic Wing Chun responses for both blocking and striking.”

  Intermediate Level

• You will learn 2nd level self defence drills

• You will learn intermediate footwork

• You will learn intermediate kicks, sweeps, punches, elbow and palm strikes

• You will learn intermediate control techniques

• You will learn intermediate Sticky Hands (Chinese pinyin: Chi Sau)

• You will learn (1 of 2 parts) wooden dummy | (Chinese pinyin: Muk Yan Jong)

• You will learn the 2nd hand form | Seeking The Bridge (Chinese pinyin: Chim Kiu)

“The wooden dummy or Muk Yan Jong is a large wooden training device.
It allows you to refine the art of using precise angles while simultaneously strengthening your limbs.”

  Advanced Level

• You will learn dangerous methods to immobilize your opponents

• You will learn advanced control techniques

• You will learn mid-long-range combat

• You will learn to take on multiple opponents

• You will learn advanced Sticky Hands (Chinese pinyin: Chi Sau)

• You will learn (2 of 2 parts) wooden dummy | (Chinese pinyin: Muk Yan Jong)

• You will learn effective weapon training

• You will learn to use the training tool: the Wooden Ring | (Chinese pinyin: Mook Wan)

• You will learn the 3rd hand form | Thrusting/Shooting Fingers (Chinese pinyin: Biu Gee)

“’Biu Gee does not go out of the door.’
This meaning of the third form explains what you learn is strictly reserved for extreme emergencies.”

The Weapons of Wing Chun

  Butterfly Swords/Knives | (Chinese pinyin: Bot Jaam Do)

• You will learn the sword form

• You will learn to handle two Butterfly swords at the same time

• You will learn different swift and subtle attacks and parries

• You will learn to wield the swords as extensions of your hands

• The movements you learn from the swords allow you to use similar sized everyday objects as a replacement weapon

  Long (six-and-a-half point) Pole | (Chinese pinyin: Luk Dim Boon Gwun)

• You will learn the long pole form

• You will learn different firm attacks

• You will learn to join/bridge, cutting off your opponent’s offense

• You will learn to join/bridge to determine follow up strikes

• You will learn to destroy an opponents balance/structure

“Wing Chun Weapons are an extension of your hands—the training complements and refines your hand-to-hand combat.
Through constant practice, the weight and focus movements of the weapons further develop and refine your physical and mental fighting skills.”

The Science of Wing Chun Kung Fu

• Unlike other systems Wing Chun focuses on fighting principles

• It offers you a scientific approach to the art of fighting and self defence

• The principles use simple angles to easily teach you to understand the best and fastest methods of attack and defence

• These specific angles combine to make up a fighting language of calculated moves

• These moves result in multiple combinations which you will eventually make up on your own

“The Wing Chun art of fighting compares attacks and defence to the war strategies of chess—precisely calculated with every angle.”

What to Expect in Fighting Spirit’s Self Defence Classes

• A combined 40 year knowledge base on martial arts and self defence

• A personalised teacher-to-student atmosphere

• A safe, fun, and productive training environment

• A Western teaching approach from an Eastern understanding of martial arts

• Open minds for all self defence questions

“To reach your opponent in the shortest possible time you take the shortest possible path.”

This is only a taste of what the Fighting Spirit club offers you in self defence. For a more fitness oriented style see Fighting Spirit's Western Boxing.

Eager for tryouts? Check out your club packages!

The package fees are purposefully kept fair to allow this opportunity for all eager men and women to learn deadly self defence.

Finally, if you have any interesting self defence questions—Make First Contact!

A famous Cantonese Chinese Wing Chun proverb tells us:
—"Loy Lau Hoi Sung, Lut Sau Jik Chung."

"Retain what’s coming in; Send off what's retreating; Rush in upon loss of hand contact."

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