Hard Core Training

   "Reach Powerful Fitness, High Stamina, And Western Boxing Skills"

This boxing and fitness class is for everyone needing to be really fit and to look and feel great!

Western Boxing is now one of the most popular fitness plans out there, and if it is a lean, toned strong body you are after, then this class is for you. Channel your inner Rocky Fighting Spirit and surprise yourself with amazing physical results.

The Fighting Spirit team guarantees you this!

   "But I have never boxed before. Is this really for me?"

Of course this is for you. Everyone can do it because of how we teach it.
The passionate Fighting Spirit Western Boxing class focuses 80% on fitness training in stages 1 and 2. The modified Fighting Fitness methods suit everyone, so you can participate at your fitness level. The easy going class leaves the right timing to you.

A world survey shows it is easier and rewarding for most people to get into the fitness of boxing then the alternative strict and repetitive running or jogging. Because of this, anyone with excess weight has a much higher chance of burning that weight.

   “You have to know you can win. You have to think you can win. You have to feel you can win." — Sugar Ray Leonard

There are three main fitness stages, and one completely optional fourth sparring stage.
Stage one focuses on warm ups and solid cardio. Stage two focuses on our dynamic exercise plan.

   “This is about you, so it is up to you, fight for your fitness … with a side boost of constructive Fighting Spirit motivation.”

We teach you the cool boxing moves in stage 3 when we all hit the different bags and refine your techniques in punching and stepping skills. And during this time we go according to your speed in achieving boxing skills, in a safe teacher-to-student environment. Your aim is physical growth. Our aim is to get you there.

Check out your fun Fighting Spirit exercise stages.

   “We all accomplish this as a team to the sound of pumping fitness music!”

   Boxing Fitness Stages

   "Cardio | Core | Combos"

  Stage 1

• Essential Warm Ups

• Cardio Skipping

  Stage 2

• Intense But Fun Abdominal (CORE), Arm, Leg And Cardio Workouts

• This Stage Focuses To Increase Your Conditioning And Overall Body strength

   “Stage Two is your dynamic training session.
This means the Fighting Spirit Team (through their fitness plan) always is swapping exercises and drills to keep it interesting for you.”

  Stage 3
This round allows you to randomly improve your skill on any of the following…

• Speed Ball

• Medicine Ball

• Pear Ball

• Pad work (punching drills)
• Heavy Bag

• Footwork

• Shadowboxing

  Stage 4 (optional)

• Light Sparring

Improve On Your Overall Technique, Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses

• This Stage Enhances Your Stamina

   “Sparring is only for you if you are interested in going the extra mile. We always take maximum precautions to avoid all areas of injury.”

   What To Bring To Get Fit

• Water Bottle

• Towel

• Skipping Rope

• Boxing Gloves

• Wraps (support for your wrists)

• Mouth Guard (optional for sparring)

   "The Fighting Spirit Club offers you free gloves and skipping ropes to use for your first month."

The Western Boxing class as a working system powers up your fitness, and teaches you some valuable self defence skills.

If you are interested in enhancing these defence skills to a more deadly level, you can learn how to defeat stronger opponents in Fighting Spirit’s Martial Arts and Self Defence class.

Together we train hard, have fun, and get fit fast!

   "A champion shows who he is by what he does when he's tested. When a person gets up and says 'I can still do it', he's a champion." —Evander Holyfield

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