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   "The Fighting Spirit Story"

Follow Fighting Spirit's journey to help you realize how through the Fighting Spirit club you can achieve your self defence goals of fighting fitness.

It was a short time after the military.
During these years the Fighting Spirit's trainers' traveled in the search for an effective defence system. They found many powerful answers in the art of fighting. Each path offered a new perspective, and yet only few focused on realistic fighting principles.

   "Many of these lessons are retaught to you to steadily help you build a core of strong physical self defence skills and mental discipline."

The growing knowledge and high physical training was found through the valuable teachings of a few Masters, each from diverse martial arts backgrounds.

This included well known Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Master Samuel Kwok, and Steven Seagal's personal bodyguard Randy Williams.

Randy introduced a practical modernized version of the traditional martial arts Southern Kung Fu system, Wing Chun Kuen. To the Fighting Spirit's team this was a turning point to a new perspective of functional self defence. By using these new fighting principles, above Fighting Spirit trainers' achievements, they were able to set aside what works, and what tries to work.

   “The trainer's focus rested on effective defence methods, allowing an average person to defeat a physically stronger opponent in the shortest possible time.”

This new spirited tactic in defence training cut the art of necessary fighting clean to its core — and so the fresh idea grew until becoming today's Fighting Spirit Club.

You are invited to be part of an accumulation of forty years of defence and fitness training.

The Fighting spirit Club offers you a unique, functional self defence, awareness, and fitness experience.

In a secure environment you will share in efficient tested techniques in heightened fitness, functional power, speed, control, and execution.

   Fighting Spirit's 40 year experience

   "Hand-To-Hand/Weapon Combat, Fitness and Meditation Systems"

• Military Service

• Northern Long Fist (Chang Quan) and Southern Fist (Hong Quan) Kung Fu

• Southern Style (Wing Chun Kuen) Kung Fu

• Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style)

• Purple Cloud Chi Gung (Breathing and Meditation System)

• Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's Self Defence System)

• Western Style Boxing

• Developed the SDAS (Self Defence Awareness System)

"You want to learn more?”

Read what you can achieve through Fighting Spirit’s Martial Arts and Western Style Boxing pages.

Both of these active classes offer competitive Club Fees. Choose the Dual Fighting Fitness package and get the best of both in fighting and fitness.

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Victor and Gillian
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